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What is ScienceWear?

ScienceWear offers affordable, hands-on, wearable projects to reinforce classroom science lessons. All ScienceWear designs are available on T-shirts and Aprons. Lab Coats are available for the Atomic Attire project as well. These projects help teach lessons on Human Anatomy, Cells and their Organelles, Elements of the Periodic Table, Moon Phases, and Cyclical Patterns that take place all around us.

Advantages of ScienceWear

  • Reinforces science essential knowledge and skills
  • Extends and can help assess your lessons
  • Great for kinesthetic learners
  • Projects are worn, sharing science lessons
  • Completed in class with all students engaged
  • Relieves parent of "project material" stress
  • Project less likely to be discarded after teacher assessment
  • It's just a lot of FUN!

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About the Creator of ScienceWear

As a teacher for over 29 years in the Texas public school system, Jody has proven she knows how to turn kids on to Science. She has been described as a “compact bundle of energy” and has been recognized many times for innovative teaching strategies including the Excellence in Science Teaching Award from the Science Teachers Association of Texas, Disney’s American Teacher Award, The Vincent J. Marteka Award for Creative Science Teaching, The Marva Collins Teaching Excellence Award, and is a Distinguished Alumna of Texas State University. Jody is a firm believer that teachers who love teaching, teach children who love learning.

It is Jody’s pleasure to share her innovative, classroom-tested, wearable projects in hands-on workshops guiding teachers through the process of using wearables to reinforce specific science concepts.

If you would like more information about Jody’s hands-on workshops, or just have a question or comment, you can email her at